Spread the Word

We all hope this is never needed but with 6000+ deaths by suicide every year the likelihood is at some point it will touch your workplace. Whether directly or a staff member’s family or friend.

When it does we are here to help. This quick fact sheet is the starting point for help for both the business management and to pass on to the team. You can also get in touch with us directly and we can help directly.

You may find a team member is suffering in silence from an event that could be months or years ago as a delayed reaction and effects are often missed. So keep in mind this possibility, things like anniversary’s, birthdays or life events can trigger sudden and debilitating effects that often affect people’s performance and attitudes at work, or cause them to want to leave for no apparent reason.

Loss through suicide is often kept very private, a sense of shame, guilt and a need for privacy stop it from being talked about and people find it hard to even look for help.

Something as simple as displaying our information in staff rooms or newsletters can open a door for people to reach through and get help.

Huge numbers of people have loss from suicide in their past and giving this path to help can make a huge difference and help start some kind of healing and moving forward.

Please put our “Coping after Suicide” postcard on your company noticeboard, link into your HR newsletter or website and consider it in staff info packs etc.

You can either print it from the image below or get in touch and we will send you hard copies to use.

Download the PDF version below