Anniversary’s, birthdays and big events

Possibly the most painful days of the year, the first few times it was like being hit by a truck. Now after a few years, we can see it coming and whilst we don’t get out of the way, we do plan for it. Each September we book a day or two off work and either go away, plan a nice meal or just have a quiet few days we can control.

My theory is that 4 years later, we have had 1460 Breakfasts since it happened, so get used to that.. 1460 Bedtimes.. 208 Sunday lunches etc…these all get easier just by the sheer number of them. However this year we will have Birthday no 5 without them, Christmas number 5 without them and so why wouldn’t it hurt? 5 days after it hurt everything did, and that is where your mind is taking you. A double whammy of a big day when family or friends get together, or the awful day it happened and you are still in single digits! that’s no time at all!

So be nice to yourself, see them coming, and don’t plan a job interview or big presentation. let them happen and use them as a day to remember them. You also need to still try and enjoy these days with your family and friends, just because you have lost someone, they haven’t taken everything and you need to start, however gently, to carry on living.

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