Good days and Bad days

It goes without saying that there are good days and bad days, or good days and bad weeks/ months.

We found a tip that works for us, so thought we should share it.

When going through a bad day, and that can be anything from a bit low to uncontrolled sobbing and literally not being able to get out of bed, it feels like they never end and there is no hope of it getting better.

Get a small diary or calendar and at bedtime, every day give yourself a score, it could be 1 to 10 – we use little happy or sad faces and write them in the diary.

Why ? well when you are having a bad few days its really hard to remember there are good days but being able to literally look back and think, actually last week was ok, or I’ve not been like this for a month… or at least, I had a good day 2 weeks ago, really does help.

A small practical thing that takes 1 min of every day but can make a huge difference to how you feel.

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