The place it happens and their belongings

Depending on where the suicide took place you may need to deal with the scene once they have been taken away by the police/coroner

We had this situation and decided that we needed to empty the room, it just had to be done, and done quickly for our own sanity.

We contacted a local storage company and easily rented a storage unit for a few pounds a month, it seemed like an easy solution. This was done within the first 24 hours – we had young children in the house and just wanted to feel under control, even a tiny bit.

So with the storage unit in place and the seats removed from our car, I found I couldn’t easily go into the room! the strangest thing, but with the help of a family member who volunteered to help, he opened the door and the scene was… Dan’s room. Same old mess, same smell, same everything… any sense of worry vanished and apart from the occasional shocking piece of laundry or old pizza box going mouldy – it was ok.

We put everything into storage in a few hours, ripped the carpet up – just had to, and before you know it – it was a room again. Don’t get me wrong, not our favourite place in the world but the room didn’t do anything wrong.

The storage unit was a huge help and recommended. we could sort through clothes, paperwork, put items for sale and have them meet us there – just gave a bit of distance and was with us for over a year as we could take our time.

Handing the keys back was actually quite emotional, like a final goodbye. we did keep a few things of course, and Dan’s clothes and shoes have made a small fortune for a local charity.

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