Bumping into people – constant reminder

Until you lose someone you have no idea how many people look like them or know them and seem determined to ask you questions about how they are or declare they haven’t seen them for ages!

People you haven’t seen for years seem to pop up everywhere and make a beeline for you ” how are you and the family?”

We genuinely considered moving, but the pain of the constant surprise and reliving it was offset by a sense of people actually caring.

Be prepared though, in McDonald’s or on a Bus, whilst at work or in a public toilet, random questions and mail for them from bank accounts closed 10 years ago can all combine to make you feel almost hunted. Or haunted at times!

It does show how much a part of your and other lives they were though and that’s comforting

You don’t get used to it, but it gets easier and sometimes almost funny, and a great way to get rid of someone if you are feeling a bit cruel, and don’t Worry…Dan would have thought that was funny!

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