People don’t talk about it

The painful truth is that people soon stop talking about the person that’s gone and what happened. Close family might but beyond that it soon fades.

You can’t blame them, they don’t know what to say, they don’t remember the anniversary or birthdays, they don’t seem the sobbing in the night – just you putting on a brave face.

Those that have gone through it may be better, but let’s hope they are few and far between

At times you have to accept it’s a lonely journey that you and a few close loved ones are going through and that others have moved on, feel awkward and may even be avoiding you because of exactly these reasons.

This is one of the reasons that forums, chat rooms, groups, helplines and face-to-face groups are so helpful. Hard to start with but they genuinely give an outlet where people know what you are going through and for you to feel unforgotten

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