Obsession with death and fear that others will do the same

If one person can kill themselves, then another can… that’s the thoughts you have, and when you find out that people exposed to suicide are 65% more likely to that really doesn’t help.

Every time someone is sad and goes out, the slightest argument, an unanswered call or text message and you convince yourself it’s happened again. I know because I have it almost daily, call it shock / PTSD / Anxiety or whatever label fits but it happens to lots of people and whilst horrid is not unusual.

When you think about it in the cold light of day you know it’s not true, probably… but at the time it’s debilitating. I don’t have an answer beyond your not going mad, it does ease over time, in frequency if not the intensity and one thing that helps is telling the people involved. If they know the consequences of an unplanned 45 min trip to the shops, and that a text can stop it… hopefully, they can help ease the pain.

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