Their Workplace and colleagues

Telling someone’s workplace what has happened is traumatic but required. They will have questions and there will probably be paperwork, collection of belongings, pensions, and possibly death in service benefits – which contrary to common belief does often include death by suicide, doesn’t have to happen at work and can be relatively large amounts of money.

That sounds cold but the reality is someone dying is expensive! funeral costs, a wake, time off work, loss of income for their family, debts to clear and more – so ask about any coverage they had.

Dan’s work was a close team and it was a total shock, and they were brilliant about it, very helpful and kind at all stages.

However, at the funeral, there were some from there who still were not aware of how he died and were quite shocked.

Since his passing, they have implemented things at work to try and spot issues, have created a “Dan Award” for outstanding work and have taken our charity of choice onboard and still now, years later are raising funds for CALM. Tim Spencer is fundraising for CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably) (

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