Photos and memories

4 years after we lost Dan, there are still some photos in the lounge we can’t turn around, or keep out of our eye line. The book of remembrance, signed by family and friends is almost impossible to open and every now and again a 10-year-old t-shirt falls out the back of a cupboard or a song comes on and “wallop” your broken and back-to-day 1, at least for a short time.

Totally normal, bizarre how the strangest things can do it and impossible to avoid.

Just let it happen, engineer the really painful bits not to be a daily occurrence maybe, but it’s a normal part of loss, and you are not doing anything that thousands of others aren’t, no answer to it, and sometimes ( like a stray Facebook memory popping up) it’s quite nice. and can serve as a barometer of how you are doing ” Hey I got all the way thru Elton Johns Daniel today! “

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