Facebook memories

Facebook is a large part of many people’s lives, and also has an unintended ( we hope) ability to stab you in the heart over breakfast at random!

If your loved one was on Facebook, you will inevitably get a random memory or photo from 1 year, 5 Years, 10 Years etc just pop u some days. Sitting having breakfast or on the train you are presented with a photo of them, sitting with friends, swimming on holiday, with their families, videos of them at Karaoke etc.

You never get used to this, and you can turn memories off or unfriend them – but we suggest you don’t. yes, it can take you by surprise but it does get easier and maybe the solution is to log out of Facebook and go on when you are ready, or create a new account for everyday use and go back to the old one as and when you are prepared.

Once the shock is over, it can be a nice thing, but be aware that it will happen – the first few times are just horrific

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