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  • Facebook memories

    Facebook is a large part of many people’s lives, and also has an unintended ( we hope) ability to stab you in the heart over breakfast at random! If your loved one was on Facebook, you will inevitably get a random memory or photo from 1 year, 5 Years, 10 Years etc just pop u…

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  • Going back to work, or not?

    This is one of the things you have to face very early on. For us, it was all part of the day that Dan died. His mother was due to start a new job that day and was minutes from leaving to go when we got that phone call. So very soon, an hour or…

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  • Good days and Bad days

    It goes without saying that there are good days and bad days, or good days and bad weeks/ months. We found a tip that works for us, so thought we should share it. When going through a bad day, and that can be anything from a bit low to uncontrolled sobbing and literally not being…

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  • Grief and alcohol

    Like a lot of people, we drank too much following Dan’s suicide, it’s an easy way of slowing the world down and blanking things out, even if only for a few hours. We knew we were doing it and yet you still do, after all the pain, who can blame someone? Of course, it isn’t…

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  • Happy Birthday Dan

    Happy birthday Dan. I wonder what you would have been doing today? Would you still be working at Carter Jonas? Would… Posted by Life After Dan on Friday, 10 December 2021

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  • How to write a Eulogy

    At the funeral, it is customary for something to be said about the person that has died. That sentence is so simple, but the reality is far from it. Many people just are not able to get up and speak in from of people at the best of times but the pressure and emotions of…

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