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  • Obsession with death and fear that others will do the same

    If one person can kill themselves, then another can… that’s the thoughts you have, and when you find out that people exposed to suicide are 65% more likely to that really doesn’t help. Every time someone is sad and goes out, the slightest argument, an unanswered call or text message and you convince yourself it’s…

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  • Partner wont speak about it

    We have been lucky in this way as we both made a point of saying exactly how we feel about what’s happening and leaning on each other when we need support. However, we have spoken to quite a few couples where one partner is either in denial or is burying it deep down and won’t…

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  • People don’t talk about it

    The painful truth is that people soon stop talking about the person that’s gone and what happened. Close family might but beyond that it soon fades. You can’t blame them, they don’t know what to say, they don’t remember the anniversary or birthdays, they don’t seem the sobbing in the night – just you putting…

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  • Photos and memories

    4 years after we lost Dan, there are still some photos in the lounge we can’t turn around, or keep out of our eye line. The book of remembrance, signed by family and friends is almost impossible to open and every now and again a 10-year-old t-shirt falls out the back of a cupboard or…

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  • Should I have a Wake?

    A wake is seen as a little old-fashioned sometimes, but they have been done for hundreds of years all around the world for a reason. After the pain of someone’s passing and the formal sadness of a funeral, the wake is like a defined end to this part of the grieving process. Gives people a…

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  • Siblings and how they handle it

    Losing a sibling of any age is hard, they were your playmate, best friend/enemy and the person that shared your upbringing. The sudden loss puts them in a very high-risk category for similar actions, so be careful if you are the parent. They may feel they cannot talk about it as it’s stealing the limelight…

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