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  • Some days are just bad days

    Just feels like I am in some kind of nightmare. The last 8 weeks has been awful. I doubt everything about myself and I… Posted by Life After Dan on Sunday, 10 April 2022

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  • Step Parents

    As a Step Dad to Dan, I can write this with some insight. I knew Dan for 8 years and watched him grow from barely out of school and shut in his room with an Xbox, to getting his first job, car, girlfriend, holiday, flat and more. Not being his actual Dad really didn’t make…

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  • The Inquest – What to expect

    A death by suicide generally means an inquest. This is something that we have no idea about, and the very thought of is dreadful. so in simple terms, this is what to expect. A few days /weeks after the event the Coroner will be in touch, we had a call but could be posted or…

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  • The place it happens and their belongings

    Depending on where the suicide took place you may need to deal with the scene once they have been taken away by the police/coroner We had this situation and decided that we needed to empty the room, it just had to be done, and done quickly for our own sanity. We contacted a local storage…

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  • Their Workplace and colleagues

    Telling someone’s workplace what has happened is traumatic but required. They will have questions and there will probably be paperwork, collection of belongings, pensions, and possibly death in service benefits – which contrary to common belief does often include death by suicide, doesn’t have to happen at work and can be relatively large amounts of…

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  • What’s next? and dealing with your loved ones remains

    The funeral is done, people around you are starting to disappear and life is trying to be normal again, of course, it isn’t but the intensity of the last few weeks has to level off eventually. This is maybe the hardest time though, as until now there has been so much to do, from organising…

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